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OMG!!! Darey Art Alade's 'nak3d' photo goes viral: His wife, AY Comedian and others react

Darey Art Alade is buck azz nekkid in a new photo he posted on his Instagram page with the hashtag – #DAREYN*KED.

The singer shows off his well toned body in the black & white photo and for
those of you running in here to see his eggplant, well placed shadows kept that hidden for all the best reasons.

As for me, Darey is the least person i expected to take this kind of shot, but i later changed my mind owing to the fact that he has used the means to share a great message of positivism.

He Writes; Being N*ked isn’t just about N*dity, it’s also about being honest, being vulnerable, being real. Today, I’m asking you all to do something you’ve never done before. Tell someone something (like how much you appreciate them), apologize for something, share something you’ve been meaning to, launch a new idea you’ve been nursing, a new ambition, anything…and Tag me in it using#DareyN*ked #N*ked
And a number of his celeb friends have responded sharing stories about what makes them vulnerable.

AY The Comedian wrote,
Sometimes I feel n*ked without my parents being around today. Though we were poor, but there was no giving up in making sure we got a proper training. Our n*kedness they covered with character, sense of responsibility, peace and love. I wish they were here to reap the fruit of their labour. #DareyNaked

Sound Sultan wrote,
Sometimes i think about how people struggle to be in the VIP section and wonder if they were truly that important why weren’t they ushered to their seat with a red carpet treatment .Everyone is insecure that is why sometimes the VIP section gets a tad bit unattractive when the same place has a VVIP section . If u are really VERY IMPORTANT. The place won’t make u seem important you will make the place seem important. (Wherever).I have seen empty regular sections with arms length room .in a place were VIP is overcrowded .VIP indeed (Very Inconvenient Place )

Darey’s wife Deola Art Alade wrote,
Before I got married and had kids, I remember I was quite the lepa. Those that know me, know what I’m talking about. Back then we would even try different things to get fleshier and curvier lol! But all that changed once the babies started rolling in…and then boom! I started blowing up out of proportion ????. “God why me?” I would ask. But after a life-threatening health scare I realized I had to adopt a new healthy lifestyle which included eating right. With dedication, I have lost the weight and intend to keep it off! Here I am…from a near size 18 to a 10/12 #DareyN*ked

And rapper eLDee wrote,
Since the day we open our eyes, our actions are thoroughly judged by the society in which we live. We are compelled to mold our life according to the sets of principles and teachings that have been shoved to us. And so we dress, eat and live to become socially acceptable and be praised by everyone around us. As if this isn’t wrong enough, we sort our life based on what other people consider priority. In the process, we forget our own purpose and end up on the unhappy end of life’s colorful spectrum. Being naked is about being completely honest. To yourself, to the people around you, and to your environment. Accepting yourself as who you are is definitely easier said than done, but it is the only truly guaranteed way to a happier life. Understand one thing, no matter how much you do to impress people you can never do enough, why bother? Sit back, re-learn who you are, understand your soul’s sincere and innermost desires, and let it guide you to real happiness. #DareyN*ked #breakthosechains#stoplivingforotherpeople 
 What do you think about the picture behind the #DareyN^ked? Share your opinion below via comments


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